Monday, August 15, 2011

The Wedding

Lauren and I decided to not hire a photographer for our wedding. (We didn't have the money in our budget.)Inplace of having a photographer for the ceremony, we took a little different approach. We had everyone bring their cameras to the wedding and up load the pictures they took to as a big group community pool. I liked this idea because it gave so many different perspectives, the only problem is the keeper rate was quite low.

The pictures we shot after the wedding in the church came out less than desirable. The chapel was very poorly lit, and we could not use flash. (Oh how I wish I would have owned a fast prime for that day). So needless to say none of the formal pictures of the family really came out that great. Not to mention I also shot on the wrong white balance in JPEG instead of RAW. So I don't think any of those formal shots in the church will amount to much.

Lucky for us, my wife and I had time in between the wedding and the reception to take a few photos. These photos turned out to be some of my favorite photos of all time. The picture at the top of this post was taken just outside of the country club. I composed the shot with my wife in the frame, pressed the self timer and ran to get in the picture. We did this several times in the blistering Dallas heat. I think it was 102 degrees that day, and I was very lucky my wife was patient enough for us to get this shot. If nothing else, I had one good photo to show for my efforts, to remind myself of that magical day. I love the back drop and the leading lines like the cart path that runs through the picture. I'm really glad we changed the venue. The lighting and composition were far better lit than the church and way more photogenic. I just wish it would have been more hospitable that day. I would have liked a couple more shots, but I guess I'll just have to be content with what I got.

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